Creative Practice

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Creative Practice

Censorship is used to limit what the public see’s. This could be to protect the public but is it really necessary to use it everywhere.

In modern society a lot of people have been desensitised to nudity, its not as shocking as it used to be. People have also protest against nudity being seen as obscene as it’s just the human body and we shouldn’t hide or be ashamed of it.
Gingrich led protests against nude censorship

On the front page of my website I have explained what the website is about and why I have created it

I have based a lot of my statistics off of this site
On here it shows that 65% of people think that censorship isn’t needed and only 35% of people think it is.

Website Layout:

I need to do between 6-8 webpages so I’ve decided to do the maximum of 8 as 3 of the pages are almost the same.

  1. Home page (also where the different vote links are listed)
  2. Female vote page
  3. Futa vote page
  4. Male vote page
  5. Exhibition page
  6. Shop page
  7. Statistics page
  8. Thank you for voting page

The Female, Futa and Male page will be identical layout wise. The only difference will be the illustration in which the vote is being based on. I was going to do different Thank you for voting page (one for each link so there would have been 6 in total) but I wasn’t sure if they would have had to count as 1 page each so I decided to just keep it as one page. But if this was a real I would have made serrate ones.

Also to cut down the amount of pages I decided to link the 3 different images you can vote on on the main page using an anchor link. So that ‘Vote’ link will take you down the home page to where they will be.

I created the site first and used pace holder images so I would know what I needed to do.

Page 2, 3 and 4

The voting pages look quite simple. As the voting won’t actually work (I would need to do more pages and get really tecnical with it) I decided the best way to show how it would work is by doing it as a gif, this way I can make the illustration change.

I chose to anime style images because this is what I’m comfortable with drawing. It also fits with the context of the my essay as it relates to the Japanese art style.  The illustrations I drew I originally did on paper (I did quite a few different ones to see which would look best). This is because I find it easier to draw on paper then copy it digitally. Drawing them digitally makes them look neater and its an easy way to make sure the transition between 2 of the images images is easier (from lewd to lewder)

I then created the gifs in which to put on the voting page. I originally did them in blue (because of how I did the first header) and later on changed them to the colour scheme I’m now using. I’m using pinkish colours because they relate to flesh colour.

I added facebook comments to the bottom of the page because I thought it would be a good feature to allow people to discuss/debate what they think. This also allows this website to be connected to social media so the website could become more wide spread.

Page 1

After I drew the illustrations I created my first banner to place in the pace holder.

I really didn’t like this one as the blue theme doesn’t really match the campaign.  So I made a different header to match the new theme to my website. I used mosaic pixels because these are connected to censorship. and the colours I’ve used are different skin tones.

Page 5

The original idea was just to make this an exhibition but because the exhibition would have to held in the UK I thought it would be best to make it a world wide campaign. It wouldn’t be good to just have it in the UK because the vote is about censorship around Japanese material, there are fans of this in the UK but it would be best to get people from other countries to vote too.

But I did want to make a physical vote as well. So I thought about getting a stall at different comic cons. This way I would be able to sell more of the merchandise but also get people to vote in person. The reason I chose to do it at comic conventions is because of the demographic. People who go to comic conventions are more likely to be into manga and anime or may just have an interest in illustrations.

Page 6:

I wanted to create another way to see what people prefer when it comes to uncensored material. So I created a shop in which we could look at shop sales of the different illustrations and see which one would sell more. For example if the female t-shirt sold more then the male one it would show that more people are comfortable wearing a t-shirt with a naked female rather then a naked male.

It’s also a good way for people to truly support what they believe in and a way to make money off of it to keep the website going.

Page 7

I used basic pie graphs to show the percentage of people who voted for what. I also categorised them into gender and age. This is to see if females opinions are different to males and does your opinion change depending on what age you are. So it’s not just about if people think differently about censorship on different people, but also about do different people think differently about censorship because of their own gender or age.

I also wanted to categories votes into countries as well but I wasn’t sure how to go about this as there would need to be a lot more numbers.

Overall I do like how the website came out. There are some things I could have changed like make more graphics for the exhibition but I wanted to keep it simple and easy to understand. I wanted the main focus of the site are the vote pages, these will also be the pages in which people will interact with each other.

Professional Studies

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I updated my website and tried to make it look more professional in a way but still make it personal to me.

My original website I created was very pink with a lot of illustrations and no title.

I used anchor links here however I decided to get rid of that and make the home basically an about page. I also changed the colour scheme from pink to green (I honestly don’t know why I used pink in the first place as my favourite colours are green and blue).

I also changed the header image to something that I think kind of look more professional (as professional as a bunch of illustrations can look) as the illustration here doesn’t really have a meaning, it’s just an image I drew in which I like. Maybe in the future I’ll draw an illustration of myself and put that as the header but for now I’ll just make a collage of some of the stuff I’ve done. However I really want to add more web design work and have more of them instead of illustrations but at the minute I don’t have much web design work. I also put the header image above the menu.

I still need to write the about in this screen shot and add a picture (not sure what picture yet) to the right of it. I’m terrible at writing about myself so I’ll probably leave this till last.

The portfolio used to be on the homepage but I decided to make it a separate page so that the home page looks cleaner and all the links lead to different pages.

This is the new portfolio page. I decided to make the main focus of my portfolio my web design projects as this is what I want to go into. So at the top of the page it starts with web design, next are my illustrations.

The web design images are set out as a portfolio so the title pops up when you hover over them (along with them having a white tint). They also link to a separate page where there will be more information.

The illustrations are just set up as a gallery but I changed the settings so that they tint white when you hover over them, to match the web design portfolio layout.